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You can have healthy, clear nails with
Lunula Laser treatment

The Erchonia Lunula laser uses low level laser light to target toenail fungus. Lunula is  FDA market cleared to effectively target the appearance of this unsightly and sometimes painfully troublesome condition. In as little as four weekly 12 minute treatments, you can regain your flip-flop and barefoot freedom. Unlike other hot lasers that claim to treat toenail fungus or onychomycosis, the Lunula is the only pain-free, non-thermal laser that has no dangerous smoke plumes or vapors and requires no anesthesia. Lunula is a superior option to other treatments such as sprays, lotions or oral prescription pills, and it will significantly increase clear nail growth over a six-month period.

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How it works

Before & Afters*

No pain, no downtime, no risk, 89% of patients respond
*Individual results may vary.
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