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Get Rid of Painful Gout with KRYSTEXXA®

Oral gout medication has long been a solution for gout, and this option is often the first course of treatment. However, gout can become uncontrollable and can be extremely painful. Gout gets out of control when uric acid crystals continue to build up in your body, even if you're taking medicine and adjusting your diet. We now offer an option for those cases that has proven to be very effective* in dissolving the uric acid buildup that causes gout flare-ups. KRYSTEXXA is the only gout treatment that controls chronic gout by changing uric acid into a water-soluble substance called allantoin that your body easily gets rid of through urine.

* Results may vary. Ask Dr. Cooper or Dr. Ludwig if a treatment plan including KRYSTEXXA is right for you.

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Unlike medicines you take long term,

KRYSTEXXA is given every 2 weeks for

about 6 months via IV treatments.

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