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Kenneth Cooper, DPM

Dr. Kenneth Cooper moved to Woodsfield in 2002 and opened his practice in shared office space with a local chiropractor. In the early days, he was a stranger to everyone in the community. That changed quickly, however, as people got to know him as a doctor who cared about them as a person and was more down to earth than they expected from a doctor. In 2005, he opened his second office in the clinic behind Barnesville Hospital. Today, Dr. Cooper travels extensively in Monroe and Belmont Counties  and also in Wetzel County in West Virginia. 

From his childhood roots, growing up on a farm in Valley Grove, WV, family values and work ethic became an essential foundation for success in his future studies and also the beginning of a career doing what he loves. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from West Virginia University in Morgantown and graduated from Medical School at the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. Upon completion of his residency at the Cleveland Clinic/University Hospitals, he was invited to visit Monroe County. Within three days of that visit, he decided that Monroe County would be his permanent home.  

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, DPM


After opening his practice in Woodsfield, he met his future wife at Modern Home & Hardware when he was looking for a timer to light his new office sign. They were married in 2003. Their son Alex was born in 2010.

Dr. Cooper thinks of his patients as extended family, and it's not uncommon to see him researching an unusual condition or newer treatment protocol. He especially looks forward to finding and discussing common interests with his patients, whether it is apple pie or homemade stuffing, World War II,  history, airplanes, gardening or canning, raising Black Angus,  or collecting antiques. 

He enjoys continuing his education by regularly attending surgical workshops, and he is board certified in Podiatric Surgery and in Podiatric Primary Care Medicine.

Alisha Ludwig, DPM

Dr. Alicia Ludwig, DPM

Dr. Alisha Ludwig began working at Swiss Valley Foot & Ankle Center when she was in high school. Little did she know that the after-school job would spark her interest in foot health and hometown patient care.


She began her higher education in a nursing program at Ohio University while continuing to work in the Barnesville and Woodsfield offices. After graduation she quickly set her sights on a Doctorate degree and enrolled at the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. She excelled in the program, and after graduation, she obtained a prestigious spot in the Alliance Community Hospital residency program.  


Her training paved the way for her to return to her hometown and practice podiatric medicine. She and her husband have two adorable children. 

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